Security is one of our biggest priorities at Avantis. On this page we have provided information about the security of your data, our general security practices, and how you can reach a member of the security team if you have questions that haven’t been answered below.
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Efficient Security with Avantis

Security Overview

The Avantis platform safeguards customer data using a variety of controls:

Secure Data Handling

Avantis application data is secured in transit using TLS, and private data is encrypted at rest in Avantis’ databases.

Robust Data Access Controls

The Avantis application logically separates user data, and access to your data is protected by strong authentication and authorization controls

Comprehensive Application Auditing

Avantis audits changes to the application throughout the development lifecycle: architecture reviews are performed as well as stringent automated and manual code review processes.

Proactive Abuse Detection

Avantis monitors application servers, infrastructure, and the Avantis network environment to detect potential abuse.

Native SOC 2 Compliance

Avantis maintains a native and active SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. Report is available by writing to
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Vulnerability Disclosure Program

We sincerely appreciate feedback from the security community and strive to quickly address security issues involving our products and services. If you have found a vulnerability, please email us at

General Security Questions

If you have general security questions or concerns, please email us at
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