Senior Front-End Engineer


Remote position

Time Zones:

Europe & North America

We are looking for a talented engineer and passionate team-player to join the Avantis team as a Senior Frent-End Engineer. You'll join a scaling team, designing the next evolution of our platform.

Your experience will contribute to the functionality, reliability, and delivery of our constantly-evolving React-based applications, leveraging the latest JavaScript-based tooling and best practices. You will also have an opportunity to learn and expand our infrastructure and DevOps pipelines. As part of a young and growing team, you will have daily opportunities to lead and mentor other developers, exercising your skills as a well-rounded cross-functional contributor and technical leader, uniquely in both startup and enterprise environments.

What will you do?

  • Work with a team of skilled React/JavaScript developers creating a rapidly evolving consumer-facing platform.
  • Lead the design and delivery of a significant portion of the software that supports the business, and for monitoring and maintaining that software in production.
  • Collaborate and organize cross functional partners to turn ambiguity into a practical technical reality.
  • Work with modern tooling throughout, whether that's something currently part of our stack, or something new that you assess needs to be added to reliably deliver the desired user experience.
  • Create intuitive, robust and reusable applications using modern frameworks.
  • Be responsible for finding opportunities to iteratively improve our technology, paying down technical debt as a habit.

About you

  • You embrace an owner's mindset: continually striving to make an impact; investing time, energy, and capital as if they were your own; and understanding that no part of the business is outside the scope of your position.
  • You have significant production JavaScript experience, and have formed clear opinions about how different development patterns and practices can both negatively and positively impact your ability to be productive in a codebase, and by extension, the reliability of a business' software platform.
  • You’re a creative problem solver that can develop a plan, take ownership of tasks, and are outcome focused.
  • You’re passionate about mentoring and coaching other engineers, and have a practiced ability to spot when help is needed and tactfully provide guidance to get things unstuck.
  • You behave proactively when confronted with unforeseen challenges and complexity in your projects. Your team members can clearly understand the state of your work, your delivery plans, and your ideas for improving the business’ software, technology processes, and team culture.

What do you need to succeed?

Must have:

  • 4+ years of solid hands-on programming experience, with a sizable portion in JavaScript and React.
  • Experience organizing development teams, mentoring junior developers, and working with non-technical stakeholders.
  • Experience writing automated tests, from unit tests to end to end tests, and have some knowledge of JavaScript-based testing frameworks.
  • Experience with source control (e.g. Git + Github) and modern software delivery techniques and tools, including pull requests.
  • Experience with DevOps best practices and some knowledge in setting up and configuring cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Experience building production systems, with an understanding of the deployment, monitoring, and security best practices required to run production software.

Nice to have:

  • Post-secondary degree or diploma in a computer or design related program.

About Avantis

At Avantis, we deliver innovative research and analytics solutions for professionals that help them to be more efficient and productive and to help them to deliver more value to their clients. For over 15 years, the Avantis team has been working together to service the needs of professionals the accounting, finance, investment, risk and regulatory space. The Team has an expansive vision to add new deliver new solutions and new capabilities to our customers that will help to make their lives easier.