Unlock critical insights

Avantis is the best way to unlock critical insights buried deep within corporate security filings and data. Use our helpful suite of powerful search tools to extract more valuable information in less time!

Easy to use

With a clean, modern interface that has been thought through from top to bottom, as well as an extensive knowledge base of how-to's, mini-videos, and articles, Avantis makes it easier to streamline your workflow than ever before.

Clean & modern layout

Avantis boasts a clean, flexible layout that puts intuitive controls front and centre at your fingertips.

Easy to customize

The best way to view information and results is your way. Avantis offers many quick and easy ways to customize and modify result and display settings for full visibility.

Fast intuitive search

Avantis provides fast and intuitive search capabilities that allows you to uncover the critical insights you need buried deep within millions of documents and data points. Leverage powerful full-text search features in combination with dozens of additional search criteria to quickly and easily get to the information you need.

Flexible results analysis

Avantis contains the most flexibility in viewing search results on the market. Add scores of criteria to result lists, use multi-sorting, flexible filtering options, unique and powerful grouping features, to quickly gain visibility into what is usually hidden. Want to analyze the results even further? Avantis also allows you to easily export results into Excel or CSV format.

Fast document loading

What is the value of a fast search if every document you view takes a long time to load? Avantis optimizes the viewing experience of large PDF documents in a web browser so regardless of the size of the filing, your document will load immediately allowing you to view more search results in less time. Experience the industry’s fastest document loading time with Avantis!

In-depth company data

Access a broad range of data on each company including:

  • SEDAR+ Profile
  • Company Profile
  • Financials
  • Key Ratios
  • Earnings
  • Dividends
  • Corporate Events
  • Analyst Coverage
  • Quotes & Charting
  • Price History

Alerts & Notifications

Let Avantis do the heavy lifting for you

Instead of searching for time-sensitive information or ongoing basis, allow Avantis to automatically search and notify you when new results are available. Your alerts will appear within Avantis in real-time and you can add email notifications so you are made aware as soon as they are available. Avantis gives you your results, your way, on your schedule.

Convenient Email Notification Options

All your Alerts appear within Avantis in real-time however you may also choose to be notified of new alerts via email. Choose to receive emails immediately, or at a predefined time on a daily or weekly basis. Avantis provides you the flexibility you need to manage your research time efficiently.

Save your searches

Save frequently used searches with the option to use them as a quick start to begin new searches. Easily organize your saved searches to gain immediate visibility on which searches you’ve shared, set up on alerts, or marked as favourites. Recall and modify searches in record time.

Share with colleagues

Share searches with colleagues and set them up on alert schedules to receive ongoing updates without lifting a finger. Avantis leverages your time to benefit not only you, but your whole team.

View translated documents

See documents that have been filed in two languages side by side for translation and comparison purposes. This is the cleanest side by side display on the market with the best use of visual real estate.